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Please Read Important Information about our Rental Services.

 1) Do I need to make a deposit for Public Events and Residential Rentals?

Yes, a non refundablerental deposit is required when making a reservation in the amount of 25% of total invoice price. E-Transfers, Cheques, accepted Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard. Remaining balance must be received before or on delivery prior to setup no exceptions.. Clients must agree to our Terms and Conditions online or print and sign and email back to our rentals desk within 24 hours of receipt of Invoice Quote no exceptions.

All Customer Pickups from our Warehouse and all Private Rental Deliveries require 2 Pieces of I.D  Drivers License and Credit Card not exceptions ever. This is for lost or stolen or damage to our equipment.

2) Do we service both Public Events and Reseidential Rentals such as a Birthday Party at a residential home?

Yes we rent inflatables that  can be setup for Public Events or setup at a residential address. When you setup certain types of inflatables such as bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses on public property you require T.S.S.A Plated Inflatables. Private Rentals at your home does not require the T.S.S.A Permits. You can pickup the Bounce House(s) from our warehouse or you can hire us to deliver and setup and return to takedown and remove for a Fee calculated based on distance and weight and quantity of items.

 3) How far in advance should I reserve?

We recommend you reserve about 2-3 weeks in advance. Since we have a limited number of certain styles of products it is a good idea to reserve weeks ahead of time to ensure availability.

 4) Do you deliver and set up the inflatables?

Yes, we handle the delivery, setup and pick up for all inflatable games. We will coordinate with you for the delivery and pickup times so the products are set up before your event starts and picked up after your event finishes. 

Electricity Requiremenets

If using your own electrical source outlets must be GFCI protected outlets within 25 feet of Inflatables. If you do not have your own source of electricity you can rent Generators from Partytime Inflatables that are GFCI protected various rates and sizes of generators.

More about GFCI Outlets

This type of outlet constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit, to sense any loss of current. That outlet is called a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). It's there to protect people from electrical shock, so it is completely different from a fuse. The question on appliance plugs talks about fuses.

5) What is "curbside delivery"?

"Curbside delivery" is strictly a drop-off of the items to the address requested. Setup of tables, chairs and tents is the responsibility of the renting party. We will drop off all items at the address requested and return to pick up the items. We ask that you prepare the items for pick-up just as they were dropped off; that is to say that tables, chairs and tents should be folded and put away as they were dropped off.

6) Are we licensed for Public Events in Ontario

Yes we are fully licensed by the T.S.S.A for Public Events read this article it will inform you of everything you require from an inflatable company.

Do you charge Event Planner Service Fees?

Yes an Event Planner Basic Fee of $79.95 is charged to all Public Events to cover administration costs. Addional hourly rates will be charged for but not limited to phone calls and emails communication support.

 7) Are we insured?

Yes, we have full liability insurance for our products. 

 8) Some of our products can be Shipped across Canada at a Standard Freight Charge.

We will deliver up to 2 Hours for bigger public events outside of Ottawa. Please note that if we are shipping 2 hours distance pricing will be set to reflect shipping cost. Minimium order is $2000

 8) Do you deliver to parks?

Yes, we deliver to all parks that allow inflatables. Please consult the city/park you are having your event at for more details. View our  page for more information on contacting parks, park rental process, and which parks don't allow inflatables .

 9) How long have you been in business?

We have been providing inflatable, interactive games, and other party equipment rentals since 2006

 10) Are we hiring?

We are always looking for skilled people who have great customer service skills. Please contact us at 613-695-JUMP(5867) to inquire.

 11) About our Products

 Are our products clean?

Yes, all of our products are fully disinfected and cleaned after every use. We take hygiene very seriously, that is why we fully inflate every product at our warehouse and clean them after they are returned.

 12) How old are your inflatables?

All of our inflatables are fairly new, almost none of our inflatables are more than 2 years old. We always renew our products to make sure they have all of the latest safety features in the industry.

 13) Are your inflatables and games safe?

Yes. All of our inflatables have safety rules near the entrance which must be followed by all users. Our inflatables also have all of the latest safety features that are in the industry. We are also a member of the T.S.S.A Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

 14) What age groups are the inflatables for?

Inflatables are generally good for all ages. Some inflatables are more suited for smaller kids, some more suited for teens or adults. Please contact one of our rental coordinators by completing this form. Click on image.

 15) What happens if a product malfunctions?

It is rare for a product to malfunction, but if it does happen during your event we recommend you give us a call so we can help access the problem. If it is needed, we will send out a driver or someone from our company to fix the problem or bring a replacement product. However if the problem was cause by damage travel fee may apply.


 Customer agrees to the following, in the case of rain where it is unsafe for the Company to operate its Equipment no refunds will be offered due to rain or any type of inclimate weather. Also heavy winds that exceed safety guidelines will cause a hault in operations and no refunds will be offered or considered. Also includes any other type of unsafe conditions that could be a safety risk for attendees and or the company and its representatives.


The Customer agrees that a request for information is nothing more than a proposal/quote and without a deposit a proposal/quote can be canceled or altered by the Customer or the Company at any time. Terms and Conditons must be agreed to online or signed and emailed to a Partytime Inflatables Representative within 24 Hours of agremeent to the Invoice or Quote. The Customer agrees: (a) All deposits are nonrefundable; (b) altering or changing rental orders must be completed by 5:00 pm a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours before the event start time, or 5:00 pm on Friday if the event is for a Sunday or the following Monday. A twenty-five (25) dollar fee will be included on the order for any changes to the Rental Agreement within the forty-eight (48) hours prior to the event; (c) altering the Rental Order will not change the Agreement nor will it alter any part of the Terms and Conditions. The Customer agrees to the Agreement regardless of changes to the Rental Order. This includes but is not limited to, fixing or updating dates, times, notes, Equipment ordered, payments, discounts, travel changing, insurance requirements or any fees required for the event. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that canceling an order will result in the forfeiting of all deposits of the rental amount unless otherwise agreed upon by the Company. The Customer acknowledges the Companies right to refuse services for any reason. Customer agrees to be bound by this Agreement regardless of cancellation or refusal of services.