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How far in advance to book Bounce House Rentals

Do you already have a date selected for your Party or Event? Great next you will want to Schedule an Event Time. Partytime Inflatables  will help you coordinate all of the details. Our Inflatables are Commercial sized an average inflatable needs to have a flat surface of 25 feet x 25 feet x 15 feet high. Booking inflatables should be done immediatly by calling 613-695-JUMP(5867) in Ottawa, Ontario. Our customers are calling on average 3 months in advance. The longer you wait to place an order will result in unavailabilty.

Make your Kids Birthday Party one they'll talk about for years!

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Planning a Party or Event can be alot of fun when renting items from us. We're always on the lookout for fun! We ship in the best items from places like California, Arizona. Our inflatables are all commercial grade construction with heavy duty stitching. These are the real deal! Experience the excitement as Kids go crazy playing, jumping, sliding,climbing, swinging! We have so many items to choose from. Fun Fact Partytime Inflatables purchases Inflatables that sometime cost upwards of $7000.00. You can rent them for as low as $299. We can ship directly to you or you can pick up directly from us. P.S you will need a Truck to move any of this stuff its heavy! Remember also that Inflatables require electrical outlets to Attach the blowers. Blowers are what inflate the Inflatables. The blower stays on the entire duration of your event. We also Rent Generators if need at a rate of $99 per day.

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